Invest through Neufund, become a part of our community and benefit continuously.

Neufund is owned by the community of NEU token holders.
You get NEU tokens as a reward for investing. The more you invest through Neufund, the more NEU tokens you receive.
Each time an offering ends successfully, proceeds are distributed to the community. The more NEU tokens you have, the bigger your share in the proceeds.
As long as you hold NEU tokens, you will continue to benefit from successful offerings.

How do we generate proceeds?

Shared success.

We charge companies a 3% success fee on capital raised. It is then distributed pro rata to the Neufund community.

A portion of tokenized equity.

Upon each successful offering, we charge companies 2% of the equity issued through Neufund. As a community member, you own a share of the portfolio.

Whenever an offering is successful, 2% of the equity raised will become part of Neufund’s Tokenized Equity Portfolio. You have a share of this index, in proportion to how many NEU tokens you are holding. Thus, you are entitled to receive a proportionate amount of all the payouts from this index (e.g. if the company has an exit). Please note that you can't directly access or transfer the tokens in this index - you benefit when there is a payout from them.

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worth of proceeds distributed to the community so far


NEU token holders


NEU tokens distributed to members



With every investment conducted through Neufund, investors are rewarded with NEU tokens, which represent economic co-ownership of the platform. As a NEU token holder, you are entitled to a share of the proceeds that Neufund generates.
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Frequently asked questions

Neumark (NEU) is the governance token of the Neufund platform. NEU tokens are issued as an incentive reward each time you invest in an offering. By holding NEU tokens, investors are entitled to a share of platform revenues. NEU tokens are a liquid, tradeable asset listed on several popular exchanges, including BitBay and HitBTC.

NEU tokens are currently traded on BitBay, HitBTC, Yobit, IDEX, Etherdelta, and ForkDelta. Please check for an updated list of exchanges that list NEU tokens.

After the “In Signing Period” has ended you will have a certain amount of time to claim your equity tokens and thus your NEU reward. Please read our simple step-by-step guide here.

Users are rewarded with NEU tokens upon each successful investment conducted through Neufund. NEU tokens are distributed in a way so that earlier investors receive a bigger NEU reward.

The amount of NEU you receive depends on the total amount of NEU already distributed. The earlier a user invests in an ETO on the Neufund platform, the more NEU they will receive (calculator available on our website). You can read about the curve in more detail here or check out the info-graphic below.

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We don’t have a static cap. The amount of NEU tokens you receive as a reward for your investment will decrease over time. This depends on the number of investments being pledged through Neufund. A more detailed explanation can be found in this article, or you can read our whitepaper. You can also see the current calculation of the NEU being rewarded per EUR invested on directly below the welcoming banner.